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I grown up with a dog. A crossed breed. She was the most gorgeous dog I ever know. Good temper, good with children and loyal. She had great impact on me.

As my son is the only child of the family, he always wanted to have someone to play with. A dog is a good choice for him. Papa is not a dog person. My son and I have been urging papa for a dog for ages. The answer we got was always a No No No. It was until one day when he told my son if he got good results for his exams that he can has a dog. But I know for sure that he didn't mean it at all. So there came the time when my son got some flying color with his exam results and papa was out of town. Hahaha, our chance came. My son and I went sneaked Creammy into our home. When papa got back home, Creammy was already there and no way that we will let her go.

Creammy is now one of our family members. She joined us in December 2003. She was born on 15 September.


Creammy praying

Being cute and beautiful is such hard work.
 5 years 5 months

"I always tell you
 with my heart shaped mouth.
 5 years

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 My best buddy
 4 years 5 months

Don't hate me
because I am beautiful
 4 years 5 months

Share with me please Chi
 4 years 4 months

You see I am cute as ever
 4 years 2 months

Trying to be cute for mama
 3 years 11 months

I wanna sleep mama,
no more photos please.
 3 years 7 months

What a sunny day,
best time to take a nap
 3 years 3 months

Waiting to go out
 3 years 2 months


Sitting on her monkey bed
 3 years 2 months

Watching fishes swimming
 3 years 1 month


Time for a nap
 2 years 10 months

Mama's plush toy
2 years 8 months

Wearing an e-collar is really annoying
 2 years 6 months

 I can be beautiful
 even with my e-collar
 2 years 6 months


Mama made me piggy face
 2 years 5 months

Chinese New Year
 2 years 4 months

Pitiful face
- don't want to stay inside the baby gate
 1 year 9 months

My young lady
 1 year 9 months

Day after spaying
 8 months

Enjoying her chewing stick
 6 months

Learning sit and stay
 16 weeks

Learning sit and stay
 16 weeks


Jumping up high to welcome mama
 14 weeks

Patrolling the living room
 14 weeks

Creammy's 1st day at home
 10 weeks

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