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I love drawing since I was a small girl. I drawn pictures with great details and  actually outdone peers of my age group then.

I can still remember when I was studying primary one, my art teacher accused me of having my elder brothers and sisters to do the drawings for me. You can imagine how that hurt the little soul of a young girl. From then onwards, I only did my work according to the standard of my peers.

My passion for drawing never died. In my secondary school, I won several drawing competitions of my school and even won one of the open competitions on Christmas Card design for the Community Chest of Hong Kong.

When I graduated from school, I did not take up art as a career. Since then, drawing became one of my pastime. It was until one day in May when I was clearing some old stuffs I came across a box of drawing pencils of my son then I pick up drawing again.

To start with, I draw on anything, but then I realized that I actually love drawing my pet dog, Creammy the pug. I love drawing her expressive face; her funny reaction to my commands and her attitude towards something that she doesn't like.

I draw at home, I draw during lunch breaks, I even draw while waiting for someone. I am totally addicted to it.

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